The Journey of a Thousand Miles. . .

                                 Begins with a Single Step 

                                                                             Chinese Proverb

Let today

     be the day

         you begin your


Sisters in Step For Recovering Children

of Wounded Parents

                                         Three Hour Sessions

First Thursday of the month 9 am to noon

No meeting in April, August, or December

                                     Program Title

Session 1:  Being Powerless:  The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly         

                Behavioral, Sensory, Emotional, Mental, Social, and Spiritual

Session 2:  A Trustworthy and Present Power Greater Than Self


Session 3:  Surrendered not Powerless


Session 4:  That Inventory and It’s Flip Side

Session 5:  Overcoming Self-deception, Shame and Fear

Session 6:  When My Way Doesn’t Work: Rage/Terror/Isolation/



Session 7:  Humility, Compassion, & Forgiveness

                                             (When & If You’re Ready)

Session 8:  Those Seven Daily Deadly Sins: Being Human

Session 9:  Conscious Contact With God: Self Care & Service



    Prepayment Cost:  $30 for one session     $75 for three sessions

Pre-registered, not pre-paid: $35/session



  Home, Recovering Women, Recovering Children,

Survivors of Sexual Intrusion

                                               Sacred Space

           58 E. Beltline Ave. S. E. Grand Rapids, MI



Lighthouse Steps/ Cape Cod