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The Heart of Religion

“Spiritually Open...Traditional Grounded”

        Location to be Announced: Meeting in the Saugatuck Area

If you desire to worship based on love and spiritual discipline rather than fear, please come to our gathering. The Heart of Religion is a community that is spiritually open while remaining grounded in traditional world wisdom and Christian religions.

Led by Rev. Sacha, our gatherings include theme based presentations using religious readings and scripture, a guided meditation, and time for sharing. 

Participants from all faith traditions are welcome.


To lovingly embrace God, our religion, and one another.

Love offerings to The Heart of Religion are welcome to assist with our costs.

At this time we are not a 501c3

Spiritual is a term used by persons who have a sense of a power much greater than themselves and a belief that they are here for a purpose, both as an individual and as part of the whole.   Many persons who identify themselves as spiritual, embrace a religion.  Others may no longer identify themselves as being of a specific religion although they have a religious construct from previous worship.   For some, their identity as spiritual rather than religious is temporary state. For others, it may reflect a choice to focus on principles and process rather than dogma and religious identity.

The programs offered in this section are open to all religions and levels of spirituality.  We request that those who attend these programs demonstrate respect for one another and avoid religious debates or criticisms, thus ensuring the safety to ask questions, deepen wisdom, and demonstrate love.

A Power Greater than Self

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