The Journey of a Thousand Miles. . .

                                 Begins with a Single Step  Chinese Proverb

Let today

     be the day

         you begin your


Sisters in Step for Survivors of

Sexual Intrusion

                           Three Hour Sessions: Presently not available

No meeting in April, August, or December

If you have suffered from sexual intrusion during childhood, you are not alone.  One in three women reports having been inappropriately touched and/or sexualized in childhood.  Unfortunately women abused in childhood have a higher incidence of being abused in their adult lives whether the abuse is psychological, spiritual, physical and/or sexual. Healing assists survivors in the development of healthy relationships.



Session 1 :The Layers of  Being Powerless:  Trauma and Non-Trauma:         

                Behavioral, Sensory, Emotional, Mental, Social, and Spiritual

Session 2:   Awakening to a Loving Higher Power

Session 3:  Surrendered not Powerless


Session 3:  That Inventory and It’s Flip Side

Session 4:  Overcoming Self-deception, Shame and Fear

Session 5:  When My Way Doesn’t Work: Rage/Terror/Isolation/



Session 6:  Humility, Compassion, & Forgiveness

                                             (When & If You’re Ready)

Session 7:  Those Seven Deadly Sins or Better Known as Being Human

Session  8:  Conscious Contact With God: Self Care & Service


    Prepayment Cost:  $30 for one session     $75 for three sessions

Pre-registered, not pre-paid: $35/session

Walk-in $40


Home, Recovering Women, Recov. Children, Survivors of Sexual Intrusion

                                                Sacred Space

        58 E. Beltline Ave. S. E. Grand Rapids, MI.


Light House Steps /Cape Cod                   Sacha