The Journey of a Thousand Miles. . .

                                 Begins with a Single Step  Chinese Proverb

Let today

     be the day

         you begin your






Reaching your Destination

Through life’s journeys, we all experience rough waters or have moments when we lose our direction.  Although almost all of us  eventually find our way, our journey is easier if we have support and a guiding light.

Therapists are trained to shine a light on the paths of self discovery and healing. 

To make your journey easier, call Sandra at

616 550-3988 to arrange an appointment.

Therapy is provided on Wednesday afternoons and Tuesdays.

Sandra Bier, M.A., L.L.P. has thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist providing therapy for adults suffering from depression and anxiety.  She specializes in the treatment of adults wounded in childhood from insufficient and/or alcohol affected parenting, and/or sexual trauma.


Sacred Space

616 550-3988

58 E. Beltline Ave. S. E. Grand Rapids, MI

Lighthouse/ Cape Cod           Sacha

Thirty years of experience in the field of mental health and twenty-one years in the field of alcohol related dysfunction.